Chaos Then Calm

I become anxious as I visualize myself as a straight line, as if I were faced with the reality that my compulsions prevent me from imagining change in my life.

I imagine myself as a circle, anxiety fits inside, where it becomes manageable.

Circles and lines come together in the creation of something new.

I prefer disruption to a straight line when I’m writing at my desk, where I sometimes feel capable of dealing with my own disorganized states of mind, because experience has taught me that chaos precedes calm.

Inner growth needs its own time. Patience with myself becomes a state of mind.



8 thoughts on “Chaos Then Calm

  1. I often think that chaos in my own life (and my mind) precedes calm. It also precedes bouts of inner growth and significant insight. As I read this, I imagine you emerging from a chaotic state of mind on the brink of insight.

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  2. I appreciate your second paragraph so much. I think comparing the line and the circle when it comes to managing anxiety is a perfect visualization tool. I had never thought of that, but it makes so much sense. Imaging the circle creates a container. I think that’s brilliant! An aha! moment for me! Also bringing the two, circles and lines, together to create something new is something to think about. Patience always.

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