Heart, the Language of Truth

The following nine words might change what happens next in my mind: I don’t know what I want to write about. Then a voice belonging to an image I can’t see yet speaks: Words aren’t enough to bring me back. I imagine this something disappearing behind a door that closes as I realize that I’m having a creative experience.

My inner vision becomes clearer. The image is of a human being, a writer like me, who needs time alone on the other side of the door, in his imagination.

An email appears in my inbox. The phone rings. I’m needed in the world outside of my mind. I glance at the time on my laptop screen. Whatever is happening on the other side of the door, in the world of my imagination, will have to wait.

The nine words repeat themselves. An image of a large room, with a stone floor and stone walls, appears. It’s as if emails, phones, deadlines, jobs, don’t exist. I’m standing barefoot on the cold stone floor. I’m on the other side. I know what I’m writing about: this.

Anxiety everywhere, in my body, in my head, says: not this. That. That pays the bills. This is fantasy. I’m about to respond to the email or phone the person whose call I missed or attempt to do both at the same time, when the inner voice that said words aren’t enough to bring me back speaks anew: the heart is the language of truth. Words become words after the heart speaks them.


5 thoughts on “Heart, the Language of Truth

  1. I adore the last paragraph. It’s loaded with truth. The anxiety we feel when we desire to actualize our fantasies but feel tethered by practical concerns. Our heart’s ability to identify truth in language. Very well done.

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  2. It’s this constant going into the imagination, and coming out again into the “real/ physical” world, isn’t it? My mom thinks I spend too much time in my imagination, and not enough time in the real world doing practical and physical things. 😦 A bit unfair of her to say. I may not do arts and crafts, cook, or do much manual work. But I do spend time doing chores and going on errands. Yes, I’m more of an intellectual rather than a physical person, but it’s not that I don’t engage in the physical world AT ALL!

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  3. I sense from reading both your posts and your comments that you are comfortable both in practical reality and in the reality of your imagination. For a few years now I have been in the process of inheriting a cabin on a small island from my parents, and I find myself having to do ALL KINDS of physical tasks, from repairing toilets to cleaning decks, and I enjoy it (to a point!), AND what a transition it has been for me! In the past, I mostly read books at the cabin. I think your point is important: life is about going into the imagination and then out again into the real, physical world.

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