The Versatile Blogger Award: Seven Facts about myself

Again, I’m honored to have been nominated by Mr. Anonymous for The Versatile Blogger Award.  Below are seven facts about myself, which I’ve been asked to post:

1. I never start a day without a very strong mug of coffee.

2. I read in Spanish for an hour every morning, while drinking that strong mug of coffee.

3. Madrid was my home for nearly a decade.

4. We live on the same ground where, more years ago than I wish to count right now, I graduated from high school.

5. Our cat was born in Spain.

6. I am the proud owner of a lapstrake rowboat, which I wish I could’ve been able to build myself.

7. Influenced by the years I lived in Madrid, where I could take the metro everywhere I needed to go, I haven’t driven a car since 2002.


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