Knowns and Unknowns in an Object

We were having a beer and talking about the dock in front of us. The first beer didn’t take long to finish. As I walked to the cabin to fetch two more, I wondered whether we were talking about only the physical dock or perhaps also about a psychic dock, a symbol, as if this physical object came to me in a dream. Maybe it did. I would’ve dreamed about it, and then it would’ve become part of a relaxed afternoon conversation. Maybe that’s what happened. I couldn’t remember dream images from last night, although I remembered dreaming something. The second beer took us longer to finish. A warm sunny afternoon in April felt too good to be true. I imagined how my friend might react if I were to mention a psychic dock. He knows I’m a psychological thinker. He isn’t one? We got to our feet. Each of us had tasks to do before dinner. He headed back to his cabin. I imagined the dock in front of me as a symbol, as an unknown, in my mind. Welcome to dream thinking, I heard myself say aloud.


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