Student State of Mind

For years I’ve had a recurring dream in which I return to university. Details vary in these dreams. The basic theme, though, always seems to be: I’ve yet to complete the degree that matters most to me. As someone who’s completed both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, this repeated message from the unconscious has been difficult for me to digest. This morning I found myself in a bookstore, crowded on a Saturday, and I walked directly to the psychology section, as if I’d thought beforehand about what I was about to do. The thick paperback I bought wasn’t the book I thought it would be. A few hours later, when I sat down and read the Editor’s Introduction with a cup of coffee, I realized it was the book I needed. I imagined myself as a student listening to the lecturer at the podium. His words and sentences and paragraphs of condensed thought introduced me to the psychological thinker I’d been reading for over twenty years. As if I were in a dream, I felt as if I really were in a classroom listening to this lecturer. I was surprised how good it felt to be back in a student state of mind.


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