Mind Time

I find myself in three places at once in my mind. Perhaps I could say that two books and one lecture that I watched online demand my attention, all three of which I focused on last night. At the moment I need a break from work, and these three images seem to promise a welcome and brief change to my anxious state of mind. Both books were written by psychoanalysts, one eighteen years ago by an analyst working in New York City, and the other whose contents were written over forty-four years by someone who became a psychoanalyst and then became the founder of analytical psychology, which at least in my imagination remains connected to psychoanalysis to this day. Carl Jung wrote some of these letters from his Bollingen Tower, on the upper lake of Lake Zürich. I imagine that the silence there taught Jung many things, and I wonder if the silence in this room, except for the sound of me typing on this keyboard, has things to teach me that I’ve yet to become aware of, as if silence itself communicates nonverbal information to my conscious mind. The image of a grey-haired psychoanalyst and professor in neuropsychology speaking before a camera in Cape Town on creating a bridge between neurology and psychoanalysis, which probably came to me last night while I watched the lecture online with a bag of popcorn, makes me wonder how both books and this brilliant thinker are connected in my mind. Experience has taught me that these connections exist, and the writer in me wants to know how many words and pages I must write before this mystery becomes clearer to me. Silence returns. This is what experience is like, I hear myself say aloud. All of these words and all of the silence need time to be with me. Sooner or later, something or nothing will become clearer to me. Time creates its own time in my mind.


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