Brewery State of Mind

We hadn’t seen each other in thirty years. Has he appeared in any of my dreams since 1987? Nothing comes to mind. Yet lots of things have come to mind. Yesterday I left our apartment in late morning and spontaneously decided to walk to Ballard, another neighborhood in Seattle. The trip on foot there and back would take me several hours. I didn’t plan on stopping for a beer, and I couldn’t have anticipated who I would meet in a bookstore a mile or so before I saw the familiar brewery. And I’d never imagined that the old friend I encountered in the brewery, whom I hadn’t seen since university, was now a pastor. The sequence of events unfolded in a mysterious way that reminded me of a dream. I entered both the bookstore and the brewery on a whim. In each place, someone from my past returned me to an old state of mind, or maybe it was states of mind, since perhaps the psychoanalyst in the bookstore and the pastor in the brewery evoked various states of mind in me. The psychoanalyst, whom I knew from when I’d trained to become a therapist, was in the psychology section when I arrived there. I’d wondered whether Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams or any volumes of Jung’s Collected Works would greet me from the shelves. Suddenly, I was speaking to a psychoanalyst. Half an hour or so later, as I entered the brewery and imagined different kinds of beer to drink, I saw a familiar face. An hour or two later, I was back on the sidewalk, ready to try to walk home. Over beers, an old friend had become a new friend. I’d enjoyed experiencing different states of mind.


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