Creative Time-Out

I hadn’t planned on listening to a podcast. I didn’t have time. If I was going to sit at this desk, I had to work, not listen to an author talk about his new book on creativity in psychotherapy. An idea came to me: I could work in a more creative way, writing about whatever came to mind, and listen to moments, maybe minutes, of the podcast, when my creativity needed me to pause. Maybe spontaneous writing and a podcast about two people being creative together in a room could help each other, could help me, in being creative. A sentence seemed to write itself on my laptop: Pauses had never been part of my mental vocabulary. As someone who’d stuttered his entire life, pauses in speech would’ve helped so much, and perhaps for that reason I’d struggled so much to pause before uttering a difficult word. So I paused. The podcast started. A psychotherapist talked about his work with a client who’d brought his own writing to sessions. The words and sentences he’d written revealed unconscious meanings as client and therapist spoke what came to their minds. These minutes of listening were all I needed, were what the writer in me needed, to realize why I was writing this paragraph: I’d needed a time-out from my job, from editing. I was ready to return to my daily tasks, in a creative way.


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